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10 Strategies to Level Up Your Work from Home Game

10 Strategies to Level Up Your Work from Home Game

I’m a long-time advocate of working from home, even before it became the trend (and, let’s face it, a necessity) in 2020. Remote work affords me the luxury of performing my job from the cozy confines of my home, granting me more personal and family time and sparing me the tiresome commute. While the benefits of working from home are abundant, I’ve also grappled with a fair share of downsides, including isolation, productivity challenges, and a loss of focus.


Throughout my years of remote work, I’ve picked up valuable insights on how to maintain productivity and concentration. Although not every day runs flawlessly, these ten practical and effective strategies can empower you to up your work-from-home game, making it a healthier, more productive, and even enjoyable experience.


10 Tips for Enhancing Your Work-From-Home Experience:


  1. Establish a Morning Routine:

Your workday’s trajectory often hinges on its beginning. Formulate a morning routine that ushers in your day on the right note. Whether it involves a workout, a refreshing shower, meditation, or a wholesome breakfast, choose what suits you best. The goal is to refrain from rolling out of bed and diving straight into work. Oh, and don’t forget to change out of your pajamas!


  1. Maintain Consistent Working Hours:

Just as you would have set hours in an office, it’s crucial to create a consistent work schedule while working from home. Devise a schedule that structures your day, ensuring a clear separation between work and personal life.


  1. Designate a Workspace:

Designate a specific workspace to demarcate your professional hours from your personal time. It doesn’t have to be a dedicated home office; even a corner with a flat surface, a co-working space, or a quiet spot in your home will suffice. The key is to close your laptop and walk away at the end of your workday, signaling its conclusion.


  1. Set Ground Rules:

Remote work is a skill that requires practice. As you become more adept at it, establish ground rules. Define your operating principles, including phone usage, personal task weaving, and lunch breaks. Setting clear expectations for yourself is vital for productivity and focus.


  1. Schedule Breaks:

In an office, built-in breaks, such as water cooler chats and bathroom trips, break the day into manageable segments. These breaks are less frequent when working from home. Thus, it’s imperative to schedule your own breaks. Make it a habit to stand up, take a walk during lunch, or brew a fresh cup of coffee to prevent plummeting productivity due to prolonged sitting.


  1. Work From Alternate Locations:

Should you ever feel uninspired by your usual workspace, and your company permits it, consider changing your work location. Remote work doesn’t always mean working from home; you can work from a coffee shop, a beachfront vacation rental, or a co-working space with friends. While routine is essential, occasional changes in scenery can reignite your enthusiasm and energize your work.


  1. Invest in Appropriate Work-From-Home Tools:

To excel in remote work, you require the right tools. Alongside productivity and project management software, ensure your workspace is conducive to productivity. Consider investing in tools like a standing desk, a walking pad, an essential oil diffuser, a charging station, an additional computer screen, or a printer.


  1. Allocate Time Off:

While work forms a significant part of life, it’s not the sole component. Regardless of how comfortable remote work may be compared to commuting, taking time off remains crucial for your well-being. Utilize your vacation days, and if you’re unwell, don’t hesitate to take a sick day rather than pushing through. A healthy work-life balance necessitates time for rest and rejuvenation.


  1. Foster Social Connections:

Working from home, despite video conferencing and team collaboration, doesn’t replicate the atmosphere of an office teeming with people. Isolation can creep in, so it’s vital to proactively maintain social connections. Set aside time to meet friends or family outside of work, or engage in a workout class before commencing your workday. Human beings are inherently social creatures; surround yourself with people who invigorate you.


  1. Prioritize Personal Time:

One of the major advantages of working from home is the surplus of time it provides. Without commuting or extensive preparations, you can indulge in activities you relish. Remember, remote work isn’t about working more; it’s about harmonizing work and life. During the workweek, allocate time for activities you adore, be it morning reading, a yoga session, quality time with family, leisurely strolls, podcast listening, or home improvements. Seize the extra time in your schedule to engage in activities that bring joy.


In addition to these strategies, selecting the right work-from-home tools can significantly enhance your productivity. Here are five categories of tools to consider, with examples for each:


  1. Planner: A traditional planner can help you track tasks and goals effectively.


  1. Project Management Tool: Collaboration and time management tools such as Asana, ClickUp,, and Trello are invaluable for solo and team projects.


  1. Communications Tool: Find the right communication tool that suits your work style, such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Slack, or the Google Suite.


  1. Digital Calendar: Utilize digital calendars like Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar to manage your day efficiently.


  1. Comfort Items: Create a comfortable workspace with items that help you feel at ease while you work, such as cozy clothing, slippers, calming scents, and enjoyable background soundscapes. Comfort is key to sustained focus and productivity.

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