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Check Out Our Favorite Hair, Makeup, and Nail Moments from the BET Awards Red Carpet 2024

Our Favorite

Hair Highlights: Stunning Styles and Trendsetters

The BET Awards 2024 red carpet was a dazzling display of hair artistry, with celebrities showcasing a range of stunning styles that set the bar high for hair trends this year. Among the standout moments was Taraji P. Henson, who graced the event with blonde highlights that perfectly complemented her golden goddess look. Her hair, styled by the renowned stylist Larry Sims, featured soft waves that added an ethereal touch to her overall appearance. This look can be replicated at home by using a high-quality blonde dye and a curling iron to achieve those effortless waves.

Equally captivating was Victoria Monét’s sleek and sophisticated locks. Monét opted for a minimalist yet impactful style, with her hair straightened to perfection and parted down the middle. This timeless look, crafted by celebrity stylist Lacy Redway, is achievable with a good flat iron and a smoothing serum to maintain that glossy finish. For those looking to emulate this style, Redway suggests using a heat protectant to preserve hair health while achieving the sleek look.

Ice Spice brought a touch of drama to the red carpet with her voluminous curls, a style that combined both texture and volume for a head-turning effect. Styled by the talented Vernon François, her curls were defined and full of life. To recreate this look, François recommends using a curl-enhancing mousse and a diffuser attachment on your blow dryer to amplify your natural curls without frizz.

Megan Thee Stallion, known for her bold fashion choices, did not disappoint with her hair either. She sported a striking, bone-straight style that exuded confidence and modern edge. Created by hairstylist Kellon Deryck, this look involved meticulous straightening and a touch of shine serum to achieve that flawless finish. For those aiming to mirror Megan’s bold style, investing in a good quality flat iron and shine spray is essential.

The BET Awards 2024 showcased a variety of hair trends, from classic elegance to modern edginess, each style reflecting the unique personality of the celebrities. With insights from their stylists and a few key products, these red carpet looks are within reach for anyone looking to elevate their hair game this season.

Makeup and Nails: Glamour and Artistry at Its Finest

The makeup and nail art on the BET Awards 2024 red carpet were nothing short of spectacular. Taraji P. Henson set the bar high with her metallic, molten gold manicure that seamlessly matched her overall golden theme. This cohesive and eye-catching look was a testament to the meticulous attention to detail that characterized this year’s beauty trends.

Victoria Monét captured everyone’s attention with her radiant glow. Her makeup, characterized by a luminous complexion and subtle contouring, highlighted her natural beauty. A soft, shimmery eyeshadow and a hint of highlighter on her cheekbones further accentuated her features, creating a look that was both elegant and effortlessly beautiful.

In contrast, Ice Spice took a bolder approach with her striking eye makeup. Her dramatic cat-eye liner, paired with voluminous lashes, made a powerful statement. The smoky eyeshadow and precisely defined brows added depth and intensity, ensuring all eyes were on her. Her makeup was a masterful blend of sophistication and edge, perfectly suited for the red carpet.

Megan Thee Stallion’s makeup was a lesson in flawless execution. Her complexion was impeccably smooth, with a matte finish that held up under the bright lights of the event. The neutral-toned eyeshadow and soft, nude lip color complemented her overall look, proving that sometimes, less is more. Her makeup artist’s skill in creating a polished, yet understated look did not go unnoticed.

The intricate nail designs that adorned the red carpet were equally impressive. From elaborate patterns to minimalist elegance, the nail art showcased was a blend of creativity and precision. Artists and brands like OPI and Essie played a crucial role, with products that ranged from glittery finishes to bold, solid colors. For those looking to replicate these red carpet-worthy looks, the key lies in choosing high-quality products and paying attention to the fine details.

Whether through dramatic eye makeup or meticulously crafted nails, the beauty artistry displayed at the BET Awards 2024 offered endless inspiration. It’s clear that the intersection of glamour and artistry continues to evolve, setting new standards for red carpet beauty.

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