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Enjoy A Heartfelt Ambiance At The Andronis Gastronomy Festival

Enjoy A Heartfelt Ambiance At The Andronis Gastronomy Festival

Committed to upholding our core principles of creating lifelong memories, we are delighted to announce the successful continuation of the internationally renowned Andronis Gastronomy Festival. Our picturesque, award-winning restaurants, Lycabettus, Lauda, and Throubi, set the stage for a warm and inviting atmosphere that delighted our esteemed guests, leaving them with exquisite sensations to cherish.

A harmonious fusion of some of the world’s most breathtaking vistas, delicate flavors, and exemplary service crafted a truly enchanting experience destined to be etched in memory.

The event featured globally acclaimed chefs and emerging culinary talents, celebrating the pursuit of culinary excellence. It was a mesmerizing sensory voyage through diverse cuisines and cultures, offering insights into the latest gastronomic trends and techniques, all accompanied by an exceptional selection of local and international wines.

With the invaluable support of Nespresso Professional, our celebrated guest chefs extended our invitation to Santorini and Epicurean enthusiasts, guiding them on a remarkable gastronomic odyssey.

Long before Santorini gained worldwide fame as a sought-after destination, Oia was a quaint village home to a mere 306 inhabitants, nestled on the northern rim of the caldera.

In 1971, Lauda was established on this very terrain, becoming the village’s inaugural restaurant. It served as the communal hub where locals convened for conversations and libations, the sole establishment in the village equipped with a telephone.

Today, Lauda Restaurant remains committed to preserving the historical legacy and traditions of this remarkable locale. We are dedicated to utilizing premium locally-sourced ingredients and drawing inspiration from Santorini’s volcanic soil, indigenous grapes, and the island’s aromatic tapestry of colors to provide our patrons with an authentic gastronomic journey.

In an era where authentic, handcrafted creations hold special significance, Lycabettus Restaurant offers a genuinely extraordinary culinary experience. Indulge in intimate moments as you dine at the very precipice of the cliff, surrounded by the awe-inspiring expanse of the cerulean horizon. At Lycabettus, you are not merely a diner; you are transported to an exclusive realm of unparalleled splendor. The terrace is adorned with countless celestial jewels, bestowing a sense of grandeur in an ambiance that is both relaxed and refined.

Within the kitchen, the culinary team showcases an abundance of creativity, producing dishes that are nothing short of inspired. The menu is a procession of equally tantalizing offerings, assuring that each plate embodies the finest flavors sourced from across the island. Our dedicated team boasts an array of expertise within the hospitality industry, delivering a service that mirrors the supreme luxury encapsulated by the Andronis philosophy.

In alignment with our holistic commitment to health and wellness at the resort, Throubi Restaurant is a celebration of Santorini’s culinary heritage. Our handpicked team, passionate about crafting extraordinary culinary journeys, meticulously fashions every dish, turning it into a veritable work of art. These creations draw inspiration from the nutritionally balanced Mediterranean cooking style, a testament to our obsession with perfection in the minutest of details. A selection of ingredients is sourced directly from the restaurant’s own purpose-built gardens, ensuring the utmost quality.

At Throubi, you can anticipate unhurried, tranquil dinners, set against the most romantically charged backdrop Santorini has to offer, complemented by an exceptional wine selection that never ceases to inspire. We extend an invitation to discover the secrets of unforgettable dining escapades, set against a poetic tableau that stimulates the senses.

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