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Ethan Slater’s Instagram Return Receives Support from Ariana Grande

Ethan Slater's Instagram Return Receives Support from Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande, a Grammy-winning artist, publicly supported her “Wicked” co-star and boyfriend, Ethan Slater, as he returned to Instagram amidst personal turmoil. Slater, who recently revealed his romantic involvement with Grande, shared a post on Instagram, signaling his return to social media.

The Instagram post consists of a three-slide carousel, with the first slide featuring Slater and his half-smile, suggesting resilience. The second slide presents an image of a dog looking out of a high-rise window, while the final slide shows a video of Slater practicing a dance routine with Broadway actor Lorenzo Pisoni. Slater humorously captioned the post with a reference to his upcoming role in the Broadway production “Spamalot.”

Slater’s return to social media followed a period of personal upheaval, including the end of his marriage and the revelation of his relationship with Grande. Both Slater and Grande had separated from their respective spouses before publicly acknowledging their involvement. While there was some criticism and controversy surrounding their relationship, the couple has chosen to remain private and has not addressed the affair allegations.

The post also highlights Slater’s professional endeavors, as he is set to star in the revival of “Spamalot” on Broadway. This return to the stage signifies a fresh start for Slater, as he navigates through the personal challenges he has faced in recent times.

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