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‘Friendship’ Between Drake and Millie Bobby Brown: What’s Really Going On?

'Friendship' Between Drake and Millie Bobby Brown What's Really Going On

Drake recently released his new album titled “For All the Dogs,” and one of the tracks appears to address the ongoing speculations surrounding his friendship with Millie Bobby Brown.

In the song “Another Late Night,” Drake subtly addresses the controversy surrounding his connection with the “Stranger Things” star. He raps, “Weirdos in my comments talkin’ ’bout some Millie Bobby, look. Bring them jokes up to the gang, we get to really flockin’ / Or send a finger to your mama in some FedEx boxes / Open up that (expletive), it’s jaw-droppin’, really shockin.'”

Despite his attempts to deflect the critics regarding his relationship with the actress, the public continues to speculate and theorize.

However, some fans expressed relief that Drake has finally addressed the rumors. One fan wrote, “Surprised he let it go on for as long as it did; there were people seriously trying to label Drake as a pedophile.” Another added, “No cap, some of the weirdest rumors to be spread around. Also glad he said something.”

The Drake-Millie Bobby Brown Friendship

The controversy surrounding Drake and Millie Bobby Brown’s friendship began in 2018 when Brown revealed that she and the rapper became friends after being invited to one of his concerts in 2017.

At that time, Brown was 14, while Drake was 31, leading to raised eyebrows and suspicions among netizens.

In an interview with W Magazine, Brown shed more light on their friendship and how it developed: “He was such a fanboy, and I was such a fangirl! Honestly, we text all the time now. He helps me with everything, just like life lessons. He’s amazing. He’s a great human being, and we went to dinner afterward and had dinner the next day. We met in Sydney.”

When concerns were voiced about their friendship and the age gap, Brown defended it, saying, “Why [you] gotta make a lovely friendship [your] headline? [You] don’t get to choose that for me.”

Joe Budden’s Perspective

The concerns over the relationship between Drake and Brown have not been limited to netizens. Rapper Joe Budden also shared his thoughts on his podcast, questioning the age difference and advising Drake to stay away from younger individuals. He said, “You’re gonna be 37 years old. Get the heck away from some of these younger individuals, and stop engaging with these 25-year-olds. Why are you still involving yourself with 25-year-olds? You’re a 37-year-old billionaire.”

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