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Behind Royal Doors: Samantha Cohen Shares Her Years with the British Monarchy

Samantha Cohen Royal Interview

In a revealing interview that has caught the attention of royal watchers worldwide, Samantha Cohen, a former aide to Meghan Markle, shares her insights and experiences within the British royal family. This discussion sheds new light on the complex interpersonal dynamics that characterize one of the world’s most scrutinized families.

Samantha Cohen, who served the royal family for almost two decades, was particularly close to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex during the first years of their marriage. Her unique position allowed her to witness firsthand the challenges and pressures faced by those within the royal inner circle.

From the Palace to the Public Eye

Cohen’s journey with the royals began long before Meghan Markle entered the family, but it was her support of the Duchess during her transition into royal life that marked a pivotal phase in her career. “Working with the Duchess was both challenging and immensely rewarding,” Cohen remarked during the interview. “There was a tremendous pressure on her, and I was there to help navigate through those complex early days.”

The Role of a Royal Aide

Explaining the role of a royal aide, Cohen detailed the responsibilities that come with the job, from managing daily schedules to ensuring that all engagements run smoothly. “Our job is to stay in the background, manage crises before they happen, and maintain the utmost confidentiality at all times,” she explained.

Cohen also touched upon the intense scrutiny that comes with being part of the royal household, describing it as a “double-edged sword” that offers both extraordinary experiences and significant personal sacrifices. The media’s fascination with the royals can lead to misconceptions and intrusions, a reality that Cohen navigated daily.

Internal Dynamics and Media Challenges

The interview further delved into the internal dynamics of the royal family, which have been the subject of much public speculation. Cohen observed that while the family is indeed bonded by duty and tradition, like any family, there are disagreements and challenges. “It’s a family at the end of the day, and while the stakes may be higher, they are not immune to the pressures that families face,” Cohen stated.

Cohen also discussed the complex relationship between the royal family and the media, noting that managing this relationship is a crucial part of her duties. The British press has a long history with the royal family, characterized by an intricate dance of mutual dependence and cautious distance.

Leaving the Royal Household

Reflecting on her decision to leave the royal household, Cohen described it as bittersweet. “I cherished my time with the royal family and am grateful for the opportunities it presented, but I felt it was the right time to move on,” she shared. Her departure, coinciding with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s transition away from their senior royal roles, marked the end of an era both for Cohen and for the couple she had come to know well.

The Future of the Monarchy

Looking to the future, Cohen expressed hope and optimism for the royal family’s adaptation to the modern world. “The monarchy is an evolving institution, and it has the capacity to adapt and stay relevant,” she noted. With new generations stepping into their roles, and as societal norms continue to evolve, the royal family’s response to these changes will be closely watched.


Samantha Cohen’s interview provides a rare glimpse into the life and challenges of those who work behind the palace doors. Her insights contribute to a broader understanding of what it means to serve the royal family—a privilege and a responsibility that few will ever experience. As the monarchy continues to navigate the complexities of modern society, the role of aides like Cohen remains fundamentally tied to its success and longevity.

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