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Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift: Did They Already Kiss? Swifties Read the Warnings!

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift

Have Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce taken their rumored relationship to the next level?

As of now, Swift and Kelce haven’t officially confirmed the status of their relationship, but their interactions suggest a growing romance. One notable development was Swift’s increasing interest in watching Kelce’s games.

Recently, the pair was seen having dinner at Nobu, just hours before their unexpected appearance on “Saturday Night Live.”

But have they already shared a kiss?

Fans who observed the couple during their intimate dinner date pointed out a lipstick smudge on Kelce’s face, leading to speculations that they may have shared a smooch. People on social media platforms noted Swift’s slightly smudged lipstick and missing foundation on a spot of her nose. Fans also spotted the lipstick stain on Kelce’s mustache.

A few fan comments included:

“That’s what I noticed too. I was like oooo smudged lipstick & no makeup on the nose??? but I didn’t notice the lipstick in his mustache.”

“Yeah, those two smooched in the car.”

These observations followed an earlier source’s statement that Taylor Swift is at a point in her life where she no longer wants to hold back. According to the insider, if something feels right, like it does with Travis, she’s fully invested. Swift is reported to be very happy and enjoying life.

Further supporting the fans’ speculations, a source told Page Six that Swift and Kelce had a PDA-filled appearance at the Season 49 premiere afterparty at Catch Steak. Eyewitnesses reported seeing the pair kissing throughout the night. Swift was also seen engaging in conversations with the night’s musical guest, Ice Spice, and her friends. Madelyn Cline and Pete Davidson were also noted as having fun and enjoying themselves in the group.

The actual status of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s relationship remains undisclosed. However, their recent public appearances and affectionate interactions align with Us Weekly’s report that they are planning to spend more time together to get to know each other better.

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