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Under $20 Skincare Products That WORK

Under $20 Skincare Products That WORK

Spring is an ideal time to declutter your beauty stash and replace expired products with fresh ones. Beauty products can lose their efficacy over time, leading to potential skin issues and uneven application. To ensure your cosmetics are in good condition, consider the following:

Check for Visible Signs of Expiration:

Look for changes in the product’s formula, including shifts in color or separation. Active ingredients, such as retinol, can become unstable, so be vigilant if you’re using specialized treatment products. If you notice reduced efficacy or formula changes, it’s likely time to replace the product.

Monitor Skin Reactions:

Expired products may harbor bacteria, leading to adverse skin reactions like redness, dryness, inflammation, or acne breakouts. Even if a product doesn’t immediately irritate your skin, it may still be expired, so track visible signs of expiration.

Check for Uneven Application:

Products, especially those with pigment, may not apply evenly when they expire. This can be evident with skin tints, makeup, or mascara. Using expired mascara can risk eye infections, while other products may become patchy or cakey.

Be aware that beauty products have a shorter shelf life than you might think. To refresh your beauty stash for spring, assess your products based on these criteria and replace any that are expired with new items suitable for your skin. This spring cleaning will help you maintain a fresh and effective beauty routine.

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