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The Schedule for Saudi Arabia’s First Fashion Week Has Been Released; View It Here!

The Schedule for Saudi Arabia's First Fashion Week Has Been Released; View It Here!

Riyadh Fashion Week is set to be a celebration of Saudi Arabia’s rich cultural and creative heritage, with a focus on both the country’s past and future. This event will provide a platform for Saudi couturiers who are known for their visionary designs, pushing the boundaries of extravagance and opulence. The fashion week will feature renowned Saudi fashion talents alongside emerging and well-established brands, including designers like Adnan Akbar, Tima Abid, Youssef Akbar, and Atelier Hekayat.

The event will take place in the King Abdullah Financial District, a prominent location in Riyadh, combining a contemporary setting with the local fashion and culture. Riyadh Fashion Week aims to not only highlight Riyadh’s emergence as a fashion capital but also demonstrate the breadth of Saudi Arabia’s transformation in the fashion industry, encompassing a wide range of fashion categories, from street style to luxury and ready-to-wear.

The week-long event will also include a dedicated showroom where buyers and media members can explore collections, including accessories and jewelry. The fashion week will take place over three days, featuring a lineup of designers and brands showcasing their creations:

October 21st:

19:20 Adnan Akbar

20:10 Tima Abid

21:00 Youssef Akbar

21:50 Atelier Hekayat

22:40 Pavone

22:40 Nour Dhahri

22:40 Fatima Abdulqader

22:40 Dar Alhanouf

22:40 Hala Algharabawi


October 22nd:


19:20 Honayda

20:10 Abadia

21:00 Kaf by Kaf

21:50 Arwa Albanawi

22:40 Dazluq

22:40 Yasmina Q

22:40 Eman Joharji

22:40 Moja Majka

22:40 Nabila Nazer

22:40 Mona Alshebil


October 23rd:


19:20 Lomar

20:10 1886

21:00 Mazrood

21:50 Noble and Fresh

22:40 Hajruss

22:40 Not Boring

22:40 Noura Alsulaiman

22:40 Jubb

22:40 Uscita

22:40 MD29


Riyadh Fashion Week promises to be a showcase of creativity, innovation, and the evolving fashion landscape in Saudi Arabia.

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